Small Pleasures



"Small Pleasures" is a photographic journey that celebrates the simple joys of everyday life in Southern Italy.

Through the lens of acclaimed photographer Grace Elizabeth, readers are transported on a tactile journey that captures the distinctive essence of Italy as a destination. From nostalgic moments to intimate life moments, these pages showcase the beauty and emotive bonds that can be found in the everyday if we open our hearts and minds.

Designed as a coffee table book, "Small Pleasures" aims to inspire readers to find their own "slices of delight in everyday life." With a hard case cover featuring thick textural stock, vibrant colour, and impactful imagery, this book is a sensory journey to place.

"Small Pleasures" takes readers on a journey that engages their senses and immerses them in being in a new place through purposeful travel.

To further enhance the reader's experience, "Small Pleasures" includes a custom QR code directory at the back of the book. This feature allows readers to recreate their own little Italian travel guide from the moments captured in the book. Whether you're a travel photography enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty in everyday life, "Small Pleasures" encourages readers to find joy and beauty in the simple moments of life, no matter where they are in the world.

The details:

Format: Hardcover

ISBN - 978-0-646-86767-0

164 pages

21 x 27cm

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